Environmental management system

Environmental management system (EMS)

Why ISO 14001 ?

Grants and responsibility to the environment. These are the main two reasons why a firm decides to apply the system of control of the environment. There are no other reasons for introducing the system of control with respect to the environment. We value clients who decide to operate production and services provided so as to minimize their effect on the surrounding environment.

Integration of ISO 14001 & ISO 9001

Management systems integration.

Both standards have a very similar structure. Different themes through seemingly have much in common. Integrated Management System provides major savings in internal costs (human resources, integration of processes and decision-making) as well as for consultancy and certification services.

Documentation management.

The solution is joint integrated documentation structured according to the needs and existing processes in the company. So no need to create specific documentation according to the structure of the two standards, but only to incorporate into existing one requirements of both standards.

Design and development.

In the development of new products or services it is necessary to analyze the legal or internal regulations concerning the impact of production processes and of the product itself after its sale to the environment. The same team that addresses the compliance requirements for quality at the same time, assessing compliance with environmental criteria, then the same place for testing and evaluating the test sample or a series.

Evaluation of the processes.

If a company uses effective performance criteria of processes is not difficult to extend the assessment of ecological criteria and process to assess an integrated manner.

Our approach to selected standard elements.

Environmental policy and legal requirements.

We are not among the companies that would only verify compliance with legal regulations. Environmental policy must include a vision and priorities which the company wants to be perceived by the wider community. We realize that environmental objectives beyond the legal requirements bring additional costs, but from our experience we know that good planning in the field of environment brings significant savings and allows to invest in the future. However, our auditors aim of legislation and other requirement compliance, whether existing or planned and are of great help, especially for small firms that fail to accurately determine the scope of legal requirements and their interpretation in practice.

Emergency preparedness and response.

This element we consider is very important in terms of prevention of damage, and unexpected costs. For the ideal fulfillment we consider well-prepared instructions and guidance, staff training and technical solutions. In particular, technical solutions to eliminate the human error factor and in dangerous operations we prefer their implementation as opposed to reliance on the human factor. Technical solution may lie in both the control systems, physical barriers or the transition to a more modern and less dangerous technologies.

Monitoring and measurement.

Recent technologies allow monitoring and analyzing the parameters of discharged substances into the environment. Price of a large number of measuring instruments is in the range of month cost of one employee, even though we know that there are a number of very expensive instruments, in particular, for continuous measurement. Investment in equipment has some quick returns.


Although we are not generally fans of generating large quantities of paper records in this area, we recommend long-term store as much data as possible from the measurements carried out. We recommend also making a written record in cases where the measured value is a substantial deviation. This entry should contain a description of the cause of deviation of the corrective measures.

Environmental accounting

What is environmental accounting?

It is an integrated system, when company amends its own accounting with regard to internal and external environmental costs. Do not differ significantly from management accounting, it is just a part of each expense and revenue is recorded parameter impact on the environment.

The use of environmental accounting in practice

Environmental management accounting allows companies to see exactly what part of the total costs are associated with the environment, whether the costs incurred for their protection or on the costs associated with the various payments and fees. On the basis of collecting data top management can make better decisions about environmentally-oriented measures and investments, and changes in technology, to inform interest groups on environmental costs and benefits and identify the different environmental indicators.

Extension System

This system at the microeconomic level is optional and not ISO 14001 standard requirement. For these reasons, still in practice is not common, but from our experience we know that many medium-sized companies have applied such method and positive assessment of the contribution arises. From a short future it is expected its further expansion.

ISO 14001 Audit

Since the environmental management accounting is not required in ISO 14001, you do not have to worry about the negative audit results. Nevertheless, our auditors during the audit focus on the method of recording and analyzing of the impacts of your company activity on the environment.

ISO 14001 a EN 16001

Protecting the environment goes hand in hand with saving energy. The new standard EN 16001 and ISO 50001 follow the structure established by ISO 14001 and appropriately complements it in the management of energy consumption.

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Jan 15 2019 12:00AM ISO 45001

We are pleased to announce that we are accredited for the standard ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety.

Sep 1 2018 12:00AM ISO 9001 a ISO 14001

The ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certification standards expire on September 15, 2018. Certificates and certification logos of these standards can not be used Since this date . LL-C offers a new accredited ISO 9001: 2015 or 14001: 2015 certification.

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