Technical Inspection

Technical Inspection

Why inspect with us?

LL-C has available a global network of qualified inspectors. We prefer experience and qualification of the inspector in combination with regular inspections on the production or assembly sited in the field of large assembly and complex equipment inspections. For inspections of simpler products (check of functionality, quantity and packing), we can offer appropriate prices thanks to the network of inspectors in more than 40 countries of the world. As standard with our quotation, we deliver anonymous curriculum vitae of an inspector for the customer to review his/her experience before placing an order. We are always looking for the most feasible inspection while keeping finances in mind. We always review the costs with respect to full customer costs; we also regard the costs for test samples, transport costs, inspector travelling expenses and last but not least the time factor.

When outsourced inspection services are paid off?

Unique assemblies.

Surely always when the supplies of unique products are at stake (investment units, constructions, complex equipment). Hence, in cases when no series production products are involved but supplies where extensive financial loss may be suffered due to any error. For a series-produced product, it is always fine to replace the product, however, for a larger project poor quality sub-supplies may result in extra costs related to repairs, time shifting for delivery of the project as well as financial loss of the customer due to delayed launch of operation.

Remote supplier.

We have available a global network and our inspectors within he global network are often closer to the manufacturer than the customer representative. We can offer an inspection from one-day visit to permanent or repeated involvement at the manufacturer.

Legislation requirements.

We can arrange inspection services such as functional tests, reviews, measurement or completion of the documents and certificates required from competent bodies should the purchased product subject to legislation requirements of the importer’s country.

Ranges and types of the technical inspection

Check of project completeness.

This type of inspection is performed from the draft phase within the inspection of construction or production documentation followed by inspection right during the production, assembly or repairs of technical equipment and the final operation and review tests. For this inspection type, LL-C usually produces an independent inspection procedure submitted for final approval by the customer.

Participation during production and tests.

The customer, who requires inspection, usually defines the scope of the inspection activities and tests according to its procedures. LL-C then checks compliance with the documents delivered by the customer in the form of approved technical documentation, procedures, and provisions in contracts or as reference to generally available standards. Either an inspection report or certificate on conformity is issued.

Provision of compliance with legislation requirements.

Based on basic project submitted by the customer, LL-C will define additional requirements of legislation requirements of the target country or compliance of the same is reviewed during production, completion or operation tests. This type of service is usually used for supplies where a general contractor dispatches equipment to third country.

Inspection as a bank instrument.

We offer inspection of quality, quantity and packaging in cases where the customer makes payment via a letter of credit and a certificate from an independent third party is one of the documents required.

Instrument for declaration of compliance

Declaration on conformity of producer, supplier or operator.

For some modules, where declaration on conformity by the producer or supplier is required for checking of compliance (e.g. CE mark), an inspection report from third party is a legitimate document for issuing of the certificate. Use our experience to help the producer, supplier or operator of equipment to find an optimum solution for cooperation from determination of basic requirements, testing up to full inspection services.

China and Far East

Growing production of the goods in China makes us to reinforce our activities in this area. We are able to protect your interest thanks to a wide range of services from initial assessment of technical capability level of your supplier (technical equipment and qualification) through quality inspections and quantity produced and dispatched up to the full project coordination. We coordinate our activities from our office in Hong Kong.

Our branches

We have available many in-house and outsourced inspectors, particularly in the field of the supplies of:
- welded steel structures
- equipment for crude oil and natural gas mining
- equipment for mining of ores
- casting products
- engineering products
- construction products

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