Standard ISO 28000

Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain

As global trade expands, security risks to the supply chain increase. These risks can be mitigated by management systems based on standard ISO 28000 that will help you improve the protection of goods and of your company as a whole.

Security management systems for the supply chain based on ISO 28000 will help you with the timely detection of security risks, from production to final sale. In this way, you will be able to better assess potential risks and to prevent emergency situations or significantly mitigate their impact.

Standard ISO 28000 can be applied in any organization irrespective of its size or sector that forms a part of the supply chain.

Requirements of ISO 28000

Responsibility of the organization for the entire supply chain process
•Emergency preparedness
•Ensuring security of goods and data in all processes
•Relevant sector specialization of the organization (e.g. production, financing, management of information, packaging, storage, transportation of goods)

Benefits of the Certification

•Enhanced credibility and protection of your organization
•Improved risk detection and better solutions
•Minimization of risks and related sanctions

In the application of ISO 28000 standard we will also provide you with relevant training. Would you like to learn more about the certification for ISO 28000 in your company? Please contact us.

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Sep 1 2018 12:00AM Energy management audits

Ве информираме дека стандардите за сертификација за системите за управување со квалитет и животната средина, ISO 9001: 2008 и ISO 14001: 2004, истекува на 15 септември 2018 година. Нашите информации покажуваат дека за време на овој транзициониот период сеуште не се сите клиенти трансферирани за нови верзии на овие стандарди ISO 9001: 2015 и 14001: 2015.

Mar 1 2013 12:00AM ERCA registration

We started a personnel certification project under the Italian accreditation (ACCREDIA) with a certifcate registration under the scheme ERCA. We offer 12 fields of personnel certification.

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